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What work is compatible with school hours?


When you are a single mom or a single dad, you have to manage to rhyme professional life with family life, and if possible, personal life… This is by no means obvious, as single-parent families know who have to comply with a dreadful daily rhythm, especially in the total absence of the other parent excluding any inclination to breathe a little. When the schedule becomes hellish, perhaps you should ask yourself the question of a retraining or a change of position in order to find a balance in family life, especially if the children are young.

work compatible with school hours

The ideal would be to have so-called “classic” schedules that best match school schedules, however do not hesitate to take advantage of the canteen and extracurricular services, which will allow you to better optimize your working time. . In addition, as far as possible, limit your commuting times, you will gain family availability.

Jobs to avoid for a single parent

Some professions, because of their atypical hours (dawn or evening, weekends, etc.), are not really suited to single-parent families who will then have to resort to babysitters, which will, in addition, strain their budget in terms of living expenses. guard.

This is particularly the case for catering trades, sales trades in shops, shopping malls and supermarkets, cleaning trades, real estate trades which organize visits in the evening and on Saturdays, many trades health, as well as all shift work (2/8 or 3/8) and night jobs.

The status of executive is often the subject of a great tolerance on the schedules which can sometimes slip without the employee being in a position to oppose it if he wants to keep his place, unfortunately. Be vigilant by knowing how to impose your limits! And don’t hesitate to ask your employer to do some telecommuting.

Some professions are ambiguous. This is particularly the case for intermittent artists and technicians in the performing arts or agricultural professions. Dependent on rounds, late hours for some, or on the weather and the seasons for others, the professions in these sectors impose periods of high unavailability compensated by periods of vacation or more flexible working time arrangements. .

Beware of job offers that are too attractive to be sometimes completely honest about the inherent constraints: independent home salesperson (VDI), salesperson, representative and usher (VRP). The self-employed status can also force you to work very long hours to be able to earn enough money.

Jobs suitable for single parents

The teaching professions offer schedules – and holidays – perfectly suited to single moms and single dads. In addition to a teacher, depending on the training of each, other professions exist such as those of administrative and supervisory functions (secretary, steward, headmaster, educational adviser, etc.) but also ATSEM, maintenance agent, documentalist , nurse, school psychologist, etc.

Care professions for young children, whether at home such as nursery assistants, or in a reception structure, such as childcare workers, childcare assistants, etc. make it possible to reconcile one’s professional life with one’s family life, taking into account the place of work in the first case, and the schedules, in the second situation since there are still few crèches with atypical schedules.

Office jobs in the public service or the private sector generally offer classic so-called “office” hours from Monday to Friday. Here again, the job profiles are varied, ranging from secretarial work to accounting, HR, communication, etc. functions.

remote working for single parents

The jobs of call centers or customer relations, which consist of receiving customer calls or making prospecting calls in the context of telemarketing, have long been interesting in terms of schedules, but this tends to change with the services customers open until 10 p.m. or on Saturdays and even sometimes on Sundays.

Web professions offer wide opportunities for telecommuting as an editor, web designer, community manager, network architect, traffic manager, etc. Certain functions, depending on the company, can be totally relocated to your home or just partially at the rate of 1 to 2 days a week.

The crafts and building trades are generally concentrated from Monday to Friday and are not reserved for men: plumber, roofer, mason, plasterer, electrician, stonemason, etc.

The job of business manager, while theoretically allowing you to manage your schedule as you wish, nevertheless requires strong involvement and many hours of personal investment…often to the detriment of your private life. Watch out for the lark mirror!


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