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Nursery schools in Singapore: a new opening


For more than ten years, the French School of Singapore (LFS) has served as a reference for the education of French people in Singapore. In addition to its 100% success rate in the baccalaureate, its educational team, its cultural and sports options, the LFS also plays a central role in the French community.

When the LFS migrated from Bukit Timah to Serangoon Gardens, the whole community followed. To the point of creating a “Little France” in a neighborhood that a priori had no reason to become one. The establishment acts as a meeting and exchange place for the children but also for the parents.

Nursery schools in Singapore: a new opening

For many parents, the LFS is obvious. This allows children to continue their schooling, if they come from France, or to take their first steps in the “French” system. It is also the assurance of being able to continue without too much difficulty in the event of a return to the country or a transfer to another establishment of the same type abroad.

The French community is large and diverse

Singapore has never been so popular with the French. About 14,000 French people are officially registered with the consular authorities, around 20,000 compatriots according to unofficial sources.

In addition to this number, it is above all the profile of expatriates that has changed significantly. Often younger, less “expat-packages” and already having one or more experiences abroad (Erasmus, VIE, etc.). Not to mention the bi-national couples whose number continues to increase from year to year.

In Singapore, spoiled for choice?

And for these parents, the LFS remains an option of choice… But it is not the only option either. A Franco-American couple will thus have the choice between the LFS or Stamford American School, for example. Ditto for Franco-Singaporeans who will be able to obtain a derogation for the LFS or go to the excellent, but competitive, local system.

The Prize for Excellence: The Dark Side of Education in Singapore

In Singapore there is a choice! And that’s what’s fantastic. You don’t have to send your children to the only “international” school in town like in Suzhou (China) or Bangui (Central Africa).

The special case of kindergartens

And this choice is even more important with regard to kindergartens (or “pre-schools”). In addition to the LFS kindergarten, there is also that of La Petite Ecole or Les Petits Gaulois for those who want a kindergarten in French.

There is also the option of the famous Montessori kindergartens. Climb what? Impossible to miss them, in almost all the districts of Singapore there are Montessori kindergartens (more than 80 establishments on the island in 2016), which take up the name of this very popular pedagogy .

Should we favor the LFS or at least the “French” option? Should we be seduced by the famous Montessori kindergartens? Until recently it was either one or the other.

But since the beginning of the year, a new choice has been added to the kindergarten offer. There is now the option of a bilingual French-English Montessori kindergarten in Singapore: Les Oliviers.

Olive trees

As you may have guessed, a new bilingual French-English Montessori kindergarten has opened its doors in the City-State. A new option which is added to the (long) list available but which stands out by occupying an absent niche: Montessori bilingual French-English.

Some aspects to highlight (in addition to the aspects mentioned above):

  • It is a parental initiative in the spirit of social entrepreneurship.
  • The kindergarten has already been open since January 9, 2017 (with 5 children and soon 6).
  • Classes are held in French and in English at the same time (with the main 100% French-speaking educator assisted by a 100% English-speaking educator).


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