Studying Online

5 Benefits of Studying Online


Online training is often associated with distance learning. And it is quite normal because it is one of the main interests. This is obviously the first advantage of studying online when you think about it, but it is obviously not the only one: it is above all to study from where you want, when you want, how you want and at less cost .

In many ways, studying online is becoming free . Do you find that exaggerated? Yet it is closer to reality than a dream!

1 – Train where you want, when you want

From your home office or couch, no one will judge you as long as you achieve your goals. Studying from home becomes entirely possible, but beware of temptations and distractions: Facebook staring at you, cookies in the cupboard, the chat… in short, you focus and organize your workspace with rigor .

Public transport, the strike, the pollution, the missed bus, the late train, the car that won’t start… all that is also a thing of the past with online studies. Choosing to study online allows you to gain freedom at the physical level of the term, to be able to detach yourself from a particular place and this is important for something as fundamental as training.

This freedom allows everyone to follow the courses they want, even if thousands of kilometers separate them from their institution, organization or teacher.

2 – To each their own pace

No one has the same schedule, the same preferences and the same pace of life. Do you like to work and study late at night? No problem with online courses. Are you more of a morning person and you prefer to get started after a good coffee at 6:30 a.m.? It’s your right !

Choosing to study online means gaining freedom – as we have already said – but this takes on another dimension: the time dimension. Free yourself from time constraints and evolve at your own pace .

It is also for this reason that those who decide to study online have very diverse profiles, from high school students to retirees and working professionals. Adaptability is the key word and everyone does it when they have time.

Studying online is easy

With far fewer barriers than traditional training , online courses are more open. After having easily chosen your training from all those available, it is very simple to register, easy to understand the learning path, it offers the freedom to organize yourself in your rhythm and there is less pressure than in a course class.

It is this simplicity that attracts every year more and more learners from all over the world who embark on various and varied online studies.

But this ease of access does not affect the quality of the content.

The teachers, speakers and other trainers are just as qualified as in a traditional classroom! Why would it be otherwise? We still sometimes hear that studying online is “not the same” as studying “classically”.

3 – Substantial financial savings

So even though the American student loan culture has democratized around the world, there is another solution: study online. The price is nothing in common most of the time and it is possible to take excellent courses from reputable universities, top experts and passionate trainers for less .

4 – Autonomy, freedom & independence: great advantages to qualify?

Who says autonomy, says absence of supervision : you are delivered to yourself to a certain extent. No one will be able to reprimand you if you don’t work and therefore don’t progress. It is important to have access to a community of students or mentors. This is also the choice we have made at Les Geeks des Numériques. Provide these tools to support students even in 100% online training.

5 – The failure of MOOCs, the exception that confirms the rule?

Luckily, studying online isn’t just about watching videos on your screen. Today, this goes much further in terms of added value  for learners: practical cases, diversity of teaching methods, exchanges with a community, physical events, etc.We believe this is just the beginning of distance learning. The new tools and the increasingly digital dimension will contribute to further improving the acquisition of skills


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