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Whether you are an employee, student, job seeker or self-employed,  online training is open to all profiles. In the digital age, each individual can  remotely learn the expertise they deem essential for their development. However,  some training requires prerequisites such as using certain software or  having skills upstream.

1. Reduce logistical constraints

Learning from your home saves you the costs of transport, whether  shared or individual. Indeed, you just have to connect to the platform at the time  of your choice. In addition, you save considerable time compared to the time spent  in your car or on the bus. No more traffic jams and the anxiety of arriving at your classroom on time  . Face-to-face courses have fixed schedules to be respected and  more rigid dates. In addition, in the health context of recent years with the  closure of training centers, learning online without having to travel was the  best option.

2. Cost savings

This advantage of online training stems from the previous one. At first, you  reduce the costs related to the subscription of public transport, gasoline, parking  and the budget for lunch at noon. In addition, tuition fees are often much  lower than face-to-face learning. Indeed, the trainer does not advance the cost of  renting the room, but only hosting his training.

3. Good management of the training budget

Many outside organizations cover the cost of distance learning. Whether or not you benefit from a return-to-work allowance, ask your adviser about the aid available from Pôle Emploi. The latter directs job seekers between AREF (Aid for returning to work and training) and AIF (Individual training aid). The regional council also helps future students train to acquire new skills outside working hours. In addition, follow a qualifying training with your  CPF  (Personal Training Account). You benefit from a kitty credited each year with an amount that can be used on a training catalog.

Several other devices exist such as the Pro-A or the CTP. Before you start your apprenticeship, find out about the grants available to you depending on your situation. For each of these aids, the training center must meet the criteria imposed by the State.

The little boost

4. Discover the 7 training funding organizations.

Online training removes geographical barriers. Indeed, not all traditional training centers have an exhaustive catalogue. Now you are no longer geographically bound and can take courses anywhere in the world.

You choose your institute with the program of your choice, regardless of its location on the globe. For example, the prestigious Harvard University offers hundreds of free courses on its learning platform. Others offer French-speaking MOOCs with videoconferences, videos and interactive content . You therefore broaden your field of possibilities to train yourself on various themes.

5. Acquire new skills

One of the benefits of online training is undeniably learning new skills . Today, thanks to digital, you can learn everything online. Want  to learn how to use Excel  ? Learning English  or creating websites  ? Everything is possible for those who give themselves the means to achieve it. In addition, developing your range of skills helps you in the context of a professional retraining.

Indeed, technology evolves very quickly and with it the expected skills. Automation or machines will replace some parts of your business in a few years. Tracking your studies online also helps you become familiar with digital tools for those who are not used to them. Whether it’s the learning platform, the collaboration tools, searching for information on the Internet or using new software.

6. Adapt to the changing job market

The job market is constantly changing, particularly with the digital transformation. Job descriptions now include new missions that require new skills. Companies have understood this well, to remain competitive,  training their employees  today appears to be a necessity. Whether you train with your company or self-taught, online training helps you maintain your employability in a constantly changing environment. In addition, course books and studies become obsolete after a few years. As a result, trainers regularly adjust their online training to give you the latest updates in your trade.

Get a degree

7. Get certified by taking online training

A diploma is no longer acquired solely on the benches of the faculty or business schools. Throughout your professional and even personal career, you will train continuously . In addition, these courses deliver a qualifying diploma to highlight on your CV if necessary.

You bring added value and a chance to stand out compared to other candidates. In addition to this diploma, you develop  soft skills  such as rigour, time management and self-discipline. Recruiters and employers appreciate these qualities during interviews.

8. Be part of a community

Among the advantages of online training, you will find group membership. Contrary to some beliefs, you are not alone behind your computer and your keyboard. Many online  trainers offer you to integrate their community of learners from their distance education.

The latter are found on Facebook groups, Whatsapp, Discord, Slack or during virtual meetings. You discuss with students or former students about your difficulties with an exercise. Some also form friendly and professional relationships. They end up meeting when they live in the same city. In addition, some courses incorporate notions of tutoring between former students and new ones.


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